Its Snowing and I'm Not That Motivated

We live down here in the South, Nashville, TN, and we don't get a whole lot of snow down here like some of the other parts of the country. When it snows down here for some reason there is a run on the grocery stores for milk and bread. Its crazy. 

Every time it snows it makes me think about the excitement I used to get as a kid. The anticipation of going to bed hoping that school would be out the next day, waking up and seeing the Snowbird report to tell us we could stay home. This didn't happen all the time here , so when it did happen it was like having an extra Christmas.

Flash forward to being an adult, I still feel the excitement of a snow storm , but also realize that there really isn't a snow day for most adults. If we don't go to work then we don't get paid or customers don't get their tables on time. 

Did I mention how slick some of the roads get around here? We have a lot of hilly side roads and the salt trucks just don't make it around to them. I had a guy last night ( driving a little 2wd Ford Ranger) take out the neighbors mailbox and get stuck in a ditch. After watching him struggle for a few minutes I went out and pulled him out with my truck. ( which was really fun, and kind of wanted to go around pulling others out of ditches around town) I don't mind getting out in it but I worry about the other idiots on the road hitting me.

Here is where the No motivation comes in its a combination of several things, its super cold out, some of the roads aren't that great and idiots are out there driving around, and maybe most importantly, I want a snow day to go sledding and play in the snow. 

I do really like sitting here sipping coffee and just blogging away, but their are tables to get out to many of you and I want you to receive them as soon as possible. I'm going to let that now be my motivation and get off this couch1

Here I Go!

I'm UP