About US

Let me first tell you a little bit about our beginnings. Rustic Ridge Table Company was founded in 2012 by Daniel Etheridge. Building this company wasn't some big dream of his that he had always wanted to do. It all came about by accident and then turned into a love.

Here is the quick version of how we came in to existence.

One afternoon Daniel's brother told him to try and make some coasters out of the extra tile out in the garage. Daniel looked at the tile and then remembered some old trees in the back yard that fell years ago from an ice storm. He then found a table saw, cut the branches into slices, put them in sets of 4 and began to sell them online as coasters.

Once all the branches were gone he then began to look online for more wood and came across some free pallets on Craigslist.He figured he could make something from these. He then took those pallets apart, made his first table and posted a picture of it on Facebook. Instantly one of his friends bought it. Then more and more friends saw this tables and wanted one. This is where the business started. Oh, and the name didn't come from some mountain range of anything , Ridge came from the last 5 letters of Daniel's last name. Pretty simple , huh?

That was our beginning and here is what we are now. Today, we only make tables that have a story behind them. What do I mean by that. I mean the wood came from somewhere unique, like from old rail cars ,  100 year old barn floors, or the Beams from a whiskey distillery . We want every piece we make to look unique to your home , something you will be proud of and have a story to tell about it each time some one ask you where you got this table.

The designs of each collection are made in the same fashion, but the uniqueness of each piece of wood will be different making it a one of a kind. We love giving old pieces of wood, that would other wise be discarded , new life and a new home with you.

We make each one of these tables by hand, we examine each piece and try to use its own individual character to stand out.

I know that may be a little lengthy About Us, but we have passion and drive here about what we do and want to bring that to one of our tables in you home.